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Making a power point background without Photoshop

Making presentation slide is a daily activity for several people, just like using word processor or spread sheet. We found that power point tools also similar as other word processor such as Microsoft words. So, if we use word for daily activities, than we will not find any meaningless trouble, just a couple hour of practice than there you go, your first power point slide.

There’s the time when we get stuck with a template that power point provide us with. Sometimes you just need a simple picture with a low brightness as a background or a view picture that combine together as your background. You just don’t know what to do. Photoshop is the best solution here, but once again photoshop is just another alien software for us, it’s to much weird tools.

When you need a little bit tweak of several pictures to be your background presentation then power point and Microsoft paint is all you need. Microsoft paints, is free and already there at your operating system. In other words, powerpoint is all you need.

Here is the step:

  1. Concept

What will your text presentation design would be? Are you using black as your text or white text. If you use black as your default fonts, then you need a bright background, so every one that watch your presentation can read the text clearly. And it’s work for the opposite thing. If you want to use bright font such as white or yellow, than a dark back ground will suite you.

  1. Collect all picture

When you got all your picture then open the powerpoint. Insert all pictures you need at one slide. Using ‘insert – picture – from file’

  1. Align you’re picture

Using your mouse and your sense of art, align and scale all of your picture. Make it as great as possible. You can also put some text at the top of the slide or at the bottom of it. Just do as you like.

  1. Adjust the brightness

Open picture toolbar, you can right click on any picture then hit ‘Show picture toolbar’. Use less brightness or more brightness button to adjust your picture, remember the concept it would be. If you want to use dark fonts, then you need to add more brightness to the picture, as light as you can. Is all about 8 to 13 click. Apply to all individual picture one by one.

  1. Show full screen

After the layout is done, then see it at full screen by pressing ‘F5’

  1. Print screen

Without moving the mouse, use print screen facilities to copy image of you desktop to temporary memory. Here is how to do it, when using desktop keyboard, you will find ‘print screen’ button, look what those text colors, if its in white, then you just press it once, if it’s in another color, then you need to hold shift button or ctrl while pressing the print screen button.

When you using a laptop, some times you need to hold Fn button while press ‘prtsc’ button

  1. Paste in paint

Out from full screen power point by pressing esc. Open Microsoft paint. It’s in start menu, all program then accessories. Choose ‘edit’ then ‘paste’ or ‘ctrl+V’. If you do it right, then a picture is there. If not, then the print screen is not working. Try step 5 once again

  1. Adjust the picture

In paint with the picture still having an active boundaries, use your mouse to move it full to the left. Because some times when you using wide screen monitor, left and right black area are also have been captured. Moving picture to the left corner is to remove those left side blackness. To remove right site undesired picture, first you need to click any where on picture, to remove active boundaries. Then scroll to the right, find in the middle of screen there is a blue dot, when your mouse over it, it will become left and right arrow. Slide it to the left as far as you like. Its also works when you have an undesired bottom site, you will found a black dot to at the bottom of work page area.

  1. Save the picture

Save the picture as .BMP file. Close the paint.

  1. Apply back ground

Create another new blank power point. Right click then choose background. When background popup shows, open dropdown menu, and choose fill effects. Choose picture tab, than hit select picture, then press ok. Then choose apply to all.

There you will found your template using background that you have create from scratch. The result is defer, depends on the joint and the brightness adjustment in power point before.

If you need a little bit advance image manipulation, then photoshop is your best choice. If you satisfied with you create just now, then happy creating your presentation template.

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