Kamis, 11 Februari 2010

create auto network auto backup free

How to create your auto backup free and easy via network

I've got haunted by my problem since i've lost my hard drive by lightning. since then i always double save my file to somewhere else. But there is a problem as usual such as
1. i always forget to double save everything
2. If i want to update a file then the other file is cant be update automatically
3. If i backup through network, i always forgat the network pass, because i had to many password
4. It took alot of time if i backup the entire folder
5. a good auto backup software is not free

so this is my solution
1. On another PC, create another folder and share with ability to write on it, and use password
2. collect your important data on one folder, dont use my document, u can use a folder under it because my document consist alot of junk file that we dont need to backup with
3. you can use different local hard disk also as a backup storage, so you wont need this syntax to auto login to pc network.
4. use time schedule to make auto execute, and create bat file with notepad and save with extention.bat

the magic syntax is like this :

@echo off
start Net use \\192.168.0.xxx password /USER:username /PERSISTENT:YES
time /t
REM ————————-
REM ————————-
set COPYSOURCE="C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\data"
set COPYTARGET="\\192.168.0.xxx\backup_data"
del SynchFromThisToThat.logs
set AttribPromptSwitch=/i/f/s/e/r/h/d/y/z
REM ————————-
REM ————————-
echo "Auto Backup..
echo "Copying from:
echo "to: backup data
echo "Proses start....
REM This is where the actual work is done
xcopy %COPYSOURCE%\*.* %COPYTARGET% %AttribPromptSwitch% >> SynchFromThisToThat.log
time /t

5. start net use is to make auto login to network folder , just change the ip, password and the username
6. set copysource and copytarget and save it on bat file

it's work for me since then ....
free easy and it will create backup a new file and newer update only, so for the first time backup try copy the folder manually, then use this bat file to backup incrementally

have fun...

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