Jumat, 12 Juni 2009

Review xblades for PC

This hack and slash game, is a little bit deferent from the others, that I’ve played before. Basically the sword is just to bring out the rage level, then the magic will do the rest. There’s plenty of movement and action that we can explore, but we cannot expected a lot from the stage level and enemy AI.


The resolution of this game is on the average level. The world texture is using a high resolution, so it has a sharp looking environment.

The character, even though try to use manga style character, it seem to much on low poly, so when there’s a close up scene, you’ll see a flat face only. Even the outfit is minimize the character it self is not an erotic character.

The light it self create a different scenario on every stage, it create a very bright sun light, the flame and the magic aura also create a lot of color full area during the fight. But in the other hands, a very big contrast in some different area, makes some spot even did not had a light at all. You can full your brightness monitor or adjust your graphic card to max, but still there’s plenty dark side of the stage.

Game play

Just like I’d said before, when I play this game, I only swing my sword just to gain may rage to fullness then I used magic. The gun thing is not even exist to me, I only used it when the stage ask me to, just to complete the mission.

The enemy is just like a dumb puppet, they stood there just to fire a fireball, or running around you. All the enemy or mission are using the same methodology, every creature is vulnerable to something, so when you used the right magic, than they die easily. But if you cant kill them with, there is always a frozen trick. Just froze them then slash them.

The boss is in repeat mode, I mean is they make a couple decoy enemy, when its done then they vulnerable. Just need 5 or 6 time then they beaten.

Just try to break everything you find on the way, and collect those lightning thing as much as you can. Because when ever your life is nearly empty, you can buy your life from option menu. No need for green crystal any more, just try to be rich dude.

The stage it self, is not much I anticipated, because I found my self fighting in the same place twice, just in deferent mood and enemy.

Story line

It’s bad and there’s no story at all here. You just have to break almost everything you find, and kill the enemy and boss. I don’t even understand what about the curse and the cure for the character.

The different is, when facing the final boss, then you must decide, what to do. To save him or beat him.


This game is a hack and slash with power full magic

I beat this game just in 5 or 6 hour game play

The graphic is beautifully rendered with annoying sun light.

The character and the enemy, must be remodel once again. It’s not represent a nextgen gaming.

Not much I can say about a good thing to this game so you must buy it. There is plenty more game, consist of interesting story line and game play, rather than beautifully stage only. If I must play it once again after I finished it, I’d rather play UNO card in face book. It has more challenge and I can play it longer time than to play this game.

I hope this use full to all of us…..

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